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Where are you located?: 

I treat at Bodywellness Physical Therapy on the second floor of the Anchorage Building at 1555 Connecticut Ave NW and the entrance is on Q St. 

Do you provide telehealth/phone/video visits?:

Yes! I do offer telehealth. Telehealth can be especially helpful for pregnant women, new moms, and men preparing and recovering from prostatectomy. 

Do I need a prescription?:

I prescription is not required in DC, but please bring one if you have one to minimize any insurance issues. 


Do you take insurance?:

Body Wellness is an out of network provider. We provide you all documentation necessary to receive maximum reimbursement possible. We recommend you contact your insurance company about your out of network physical therapy reimbursement.  

How long are appointments and what is the cost?:

Telehealth: 25 minute session is $80 and a 50 minute session is $160.

In Person: The first 60 minute session is $240  and the following  55 min sessions are $180.


For more questions, I'd be happy to talk

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