Pain with Sex

Having pain during sex and you don't know why or what's normal?

Pain during or after sex can be embarrassing and anxiety producing . Even though nobody talks about it, many people experience pain at some point during sex.

Believe it or not, tight pelvic floor muscles can contribute to pain with penetration or orgasm (for both men and women). Scheduling pelvic floor physical therapy consult is often an integral part of addressing muscle tension and other factors that contribute to pain and sexual problems.  

Intercystial Cystisis/ Bladder Pain Syndrome

Frequent trips to the bathroom to relieve your bladder pain can really disrupt your normal schedule. Adjusting and planning your day so you are never too far from a bathroom can also be exhausting. 


Surprisingly enough, tight pelvic floor muscles can be causing some of your bladder pain and working with a skilled pelvic floor physical therapist can help to relieve your pain and reclaim your schedule.   


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